How to Tie Shoes – I’ve learned at last!!

How to Tie Shoes – and Keep Them Tied

Babies have an incredible task. They need to learn to roll over, crawl, and ultimately sort out the language spoken all around them. Fortunately, they also have an incredible ability to learn. Somewhere in the mix, they learn how to tie shoes.

How to tie shoesTime marches on, and school starts to occupy their minds. In addition to formal schooling, children begin to learn social skills. At some point, tying shoes simply falls off the map. It becomes a habit, and only catches our attention when a shoelace comes untied. Have you ever wondered if there's a better way? Here are a couple of thoughts to consider when tying your shoes.

There are several ways to tie your shoe which will keep it from untying accidentally, without the hassle of double knotting the lace. These knots untie easily, by just tugging on a lace. One new-to-me knot is called ‘Ian's secure knot‘. While it is a clever way to keep your shoes tied, it was a little too involved for me. I'm a simple guy, and prefer the knot shown in this video. The only modification is an extra wrap before tucking and tugging – and my shoes stay tied for miles of walking (or jogging). Who would have thought I'd be revisiting how to tie shoes decades after my first lessons? At least I didn't have a grand child come up to me and show me how to tie shoes. Sheesh!

How to tie shoes so they don't come untied prevents aggravation (and perhaps tripping). There's another shoe tying secret you may want to know, if only to prevent offending the fashion police. When you tie your shoes by crossing the left lace over the right lace when beginning the knot, your laces will lay across your foot nicely. On the other hand, if you begin by crossing the right lace over the left lace, the bows will try to point up toward your knee and down toward your toes – a look you'll never see on the cover of any fashion magazine!

You're now educated, and know the technique and fashion tips for tying shoes. Put your new knowledge to the test. If you like what you see, pass your knowledge on to your kids or grand kids. Spare them the embarrassment of learning how to tie shoes much later in life!

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