Lead a longer, more enjoyable life.


All it takes is half an hour of exercise a day.

Live longer and take joy in those extra years – with a minimum of time and effort. Who would've thought? I ran across a video on YouTube that lays it all out – check it out.

I did a little more research about walking, and learned some other benefits. I thought there were two main types of exercise, high-impact and low-impact. I'd come to the conclusion that high-impact exercises such as jogging or jumping rope were bad for your joints and bones, while low impact exercises such as walking, bicycling, or swimming provide a good workout without grinding your joints to an early grave. I almost got it right.

Weight bearing exercises

There is an intermediate option for those interested in exercising: weight bearing exercises. Most people lose bone density as they age. You can take steps to keep your bones healthy over time – just use them! Walking is a great exercise to reduce or reverse the loss of bone density (or osteoporosis). Walking loads the bone with your full weight and transmits small impact loads with each step you take. Our weight and those small impacts each time we take a step actually strengthen the bones and help prevent osteoporosis.

Walking is a great way to avoid the joint issues presented by high impact exercises while providing enough challenge to your skeletal system to keep your bones as healthy as possible. Keep in mind that the bones most vulnerable to breaking as we age are the hips, wrists, and vertebra – and walking doesn't do much for the wrists or upper spine. Some different weight bearing (but low impact) exercises may help strengthen those other areas. More on that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, start a healthy habit – take a walk.