Why wait for New Years??


Resolve now to exercise, and see it through to New Years!!

Rather thBaby looking expectantly at the cameraan having another failed New Years Resolution, I thought I'd get started in December – and make sure the resolution comes to pass by New Years Day! I've begun my 7 Minute Workout program, and intend to see it through -every other day- for the rest of this year. By then it should have become a habit; hopefully it will seem like something is missing if I don't tend to it everyday. Really, how hard can it be?? Just 7 minutes, every other day. All I have to do is remember…

Generally I don't do too well with resolutions though, so I hope that by starting every other day with an easy routine and keeping in touch with other like-minded individuals, I'll clear the exercise hurdle. I'm going to keep track of my progress on a chart, and share the results with the world. If I don't persist, feel free to give me a nudge – please.

I'll get into doing a better job regulating my diet in the near future – say, about New Years. First I have to get my head around this lightweight exercise regimen and make it a regular part of my life.

… now I need to come up with a few resolutions for New Years day – you know, the ones doomed to failure – ones I can chuckle about!!

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